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The server migration also include a map clean. So store your...
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Yes scale armor looks like part of a giant spider, no worrie...
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The chance to get a Scarab or scarab coin is now 100% when d...
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New polls regarding the community view on premium offerings ...
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The demon skeleton spawn above the Pits of Inferno has been ...

  17 Mar 2023 - Spawn and map updates

Today at 16:00 CET (in 2 hours from this post) There will be a minor map update, this update will also clean tiles but is done to fix some issues with borders and some houses.

In addition this update will also adjust some spawns that have been requested by players, even though we want to keep the 7.4 Spawn system we have adjusted some spawns that are 3x or more to split into 2 different spawns (same number of monsters while fully respawned, but bigger chance of 2x respawn than 1x respawn) some of these locations are:

Mino tower darashia
Dwarf caves outisde of Kaz

We also adjusted some "team hunt spots" where for example double Dragon Lord now actually are double and not just 1 spawn with 2, same with hero.

posted by Admin Sneaky

  15 Mar 2023 - Regarding Issues with lag spik

Issues seems to be resolved

The issue with lag spikes seems to have been resolved with the latest maintenance just now. We are very happy to see multiple reports of it being alot smoother and also stable now, hell, some people even reported getting lower ping overall.

Thank you all for staying with us, and happy hunting!

Kind regards,
Cerebra Team

posted by Admin Kruxet

  14 Mar 2023 - US migration complete

Server is now online, you need to download the new client from homepage.

There seem to be a network maintenance at host that can effect the ping for EU players more than usual. Stay tuned for updates

posted by Admin Sneaky

  14 Mar 2023 - Host migration and other fixes

The host migration is currently planned for today at around 17:30 CET.
Migration process should be pretty quick this time around, but expected maintenance is around 1 hour.

Everyone will have to download a new client after the maintenance as we have made changes to the exe-file aswell as other changes that requires a completely "new" client.

What is coming with this maintenance:

  1. Paralyze fix
  2. Walkfixes (some minor adjustments)
  3. Sidestep adjustments (sidestep should now work better)

Aswell as multiple other back-end fixes and changes on back-end (server side).

posted by Admin Kruxet

  11 Mar 2023 - Host Migration, steplag among

US Host

Just a bit of an update on the current status.
The testing for the US host is going well, but before making the final move we want to get some walk fixes, paralyze fix among other things sorted out aswell so that we can push all of this at once to avoid unnecessary downtime or multiple extended maintenances.
It is pretty much decided that the host will be moved to provide the best experience possible for everyone.

Regarding Steplag

Regarding issues with steplag, some minor fixes should be in place once the host moves, but we have also decided to hire external help to try and improve it even further, hopefully fixing it all together.
Note that this might not be in place in time for the host migration, but it should be somewhat sped up and hopefully in place in the near future.

posted by Admin Kruxet

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